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Uniswap v4 code now available on GitHub

INTOverse Achieves Remarkable Milestone01

INTOverse Achieves Remarkable Milestone01

Uniswap v4’s code is now available on GitHub. It has new features including open-source hooks and a singleton factory.

Uniswap v4 is the latest update to the widely used decentralized exchange protocol. As outlined on Uniswap’s official blog, this new version adds open-source hooks and a singleton factory.

Uniswap v4 introduces open-source hooks, which according to the official Uniswap blog, “allow developers to add in their own logic at certain points in the protocol.”

The singleton factory is another new feature launched in Uniswap v4. According to Uniswap, this feature “allows an unlimited number of markets to be created using just one smart contract.”

Theoretically, this could reduce gas costs and the complexity of creating new markets, a potential boon for end-users dealing with Ethereum’s gas fees.

However, as Uniswap notes on its blog, “as with any new feature, there will be trade-offs.”

Therefore, the real-world benefits and downsides of these features will become clearer only with time and more extensive use.

Uniswap v4 promises “increased flexibility for developers and potential cost savings for end-users”, as highlighted by Uniswap’s official sources.

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