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Horizen partners with Auros to enhance liquidity for EON

Horizen Partners with Ankr02

Horizen Partners with Ankr02

Horizen, a layer-0 public blockchain, has formed a strategic partnership with Auros, a global algorithmic trading and market-making firm, to enhance liquidity for Horizen’s smart contracting platform, EON.

Horizon Partners With Auros

The partnership would play an essential role in ensuring widespread access to Horizen’s native token, ZEN, ahead of the launch of EON’s ecosystem. 

By ensuring enhanced liquidity across centralized and decentralized exchanges, the partnership would create more opportunities for traders, decentralized finance (DeFi) users, and developers to participate in Horizen. Moreover, the collaboration would support various functionalities within the EON ecosystem, thereby driving the growth rate of the project.

Auros, with its experience in algorithmic trading, is positioned to provide tailored liquidity solutions that match the growth plan of Horizen’s EON. The deal allows Auros to support all future projects built on the EON platform, ensuring adequate liquidity

Ben Roth, the chief information officer and co-founder of Auros, said:

 “Liquidity for any ecosystem token is essential for seamless trading and key to unlocking the utility and potential of innovative smart contract platforms, advancing the overall growth of digital assets. Bringing our proprietary trading technology and strategies to Horizen’s EON, we are proud to expand the availability of liquidity in both the platform and the ZEN token, delivering more value for all its users. Beyond liquidity provision, this partnership also represents a significant step and a new hope for the decentralized ecosystem as we jointly work towards a more resilient future for digital assets.”

Horizon is driving growth through EON

Horizen, a layer-0 public blockchain, built EON, a fully EVM-compatible smart contracting platform, to serve as a sidechain within the Horizen ecosystem. 

EON is currently operational on its permanent public testnet, Gobi, and its ecosystem consists of a network of products, integrations, and tools, which would include Auros.

Rob Viglione, the co-founder of Horizen, said:

 “We are thrilled to join forces with Auros, a market leader in algorithmic trading and market-making services. Their expertise in bespoke liquidity solutions will undoubtedly enhance the EON ecosystem. More importantly, the partnership deepens cornerstone liquidity in the ecosystem, delivering more value to our users and enabling seamless trading experiences that will drive the growth of EON as the premier platform for traders and DeFi enthusiasts alike. Together, we are committed to shaping the future of decentralized finance and setting new industry standards.”

By collaborating with Auros, EON’s ecosystem hopes to attract a range of decentralized applications, projects, and services, strengthening its position in DeFi.

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