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How to Permanently Change Your School Grades Online


Change Your School Grades Online: Is it possible that your parents grounded you because of your poor grades?

I’ve been there and done it. Your buddies are getting good grades, but you’re still getting a F?

Parents and instructors put a lot of pressure on teenagers to perform well in school.

And don’t even bring up the subject of peer pressure.

Despite this, they fare poorly on their tests.

Now is the time to make a change. No, nerd, not through extra classes!

I’m referring to modifying your grades via the internet.

The best thing is that your college or university will be completely unaware of what has occurred.

Any guesses on what it is?



Hacking is the answer!

Yes, you can access your school’s/college’s/online university’s grades site. But, you might wonder, how? Hacking your school portal can be done in a variety of ways. You can learn more about them in the sections below.

Change Your School Grades Online

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How to Use an Online Hack to Change Your Grades

How to Permanently Change Your School Grades Online

Research is the first step in almost everything. You must gather as much information as possible about the portal. I’m curious about the program they’re utilizing. How many people will be able to use it? The most crucial factor is the level of security. Grade hacks can be divided into two categories:

Hack of Temporary Grade


The major goal of changing one’s grades temporarily is to fool one’s parents or friends. I mean, who’s going to look at it twice? It doesn’t even necessitate a lot of work. To use the portal, simply log in and right-click anywhere on the website.

Select “Inspect Element,” which allows you to temporarily adjust the values. However, keep in mind that the information you enter will not be saved. The page will revert to its original state after you reload it. Well, it’s not hacking, as far as I can tell.
You may also install scripts to make it last for a day. You can simply avoid your parents’ inspection with these scripts.

Permanent Grade Hack

This is the point at which you deceive your parents, friends, college, and university. To summarize, the educational system as a whole. To accomplish a persistent hack, multiply effort and knowledge by ten. You’ll need to know about the school’s firewall, ISP, and hosting, among other things.
To hack grades, there are numerous methods to follow. You should employ a hacker to change your grades before you do so. Then figure out what kind of tools the hacker will need.

Changeable types of learning management systems
You may pay a hacker to modify your grades on a variety of platforms. There are blackboards, canvas, PowerSchool, and many other modules used by the school for any student site.

Know the technique that the hackers would use before you begin the work of hacking your grades. Change your grades only, not the grades of the entire class. Grades should be changed as little as possible by a professor who knows you.

What is the best way to change your college grades online?


If you have a failed course in college, you must be technological in order to hack it, especially if you want to apply to another institution. Because paper verification is possible, you’ll need a professional hacker to oversee and manage your school’s security.

Tools Used By Hackers to Hack Grades

Now we’ll talk about how to permanently change your grades. Each one is effective and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.
You’ve probably heard of this word because it refers to an old and widely used hacking technique. Phishing is the act of stealing data by impersonating a trustworthy employee of a company. You can receive information about log-in ids, passwords, and URLs through phishing, which will allow you to hack into the portal and edit your remarks.

It is not as complicated as the others, and it may be used by even a novice. It may appear to be simple, but the possibilities of being caught are increased in this approach. If you are caught, you could face serious consequences. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution.

Using SQL Injections

using sql injection for grade change

SQL Injections are a type of attack that is used to attack a database.
SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a database management programming language. An SQL injection is a simple but effective method of gaining access to school portals. This strategy necessitates the acquisition of all language knowledge. It injects malicious code into the gateway, revealing all of the secret information.

You can then adjust your grades and brag to your friends about it. The best thing is that you’ll get all of the kids’ ids and passwords. It could be the ideal time to exact vengeance on those bullies. And there’s a good chance you won’t be arrested because the source of the attack won’t be visible to authorities.

Brute Force Attack

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brute force attack to change school grades

This attack may be useful if your guessing game is strong. The user enters various username combinations into the portal in this attack, and if he’s lucky, one of them will succeed. It’s not the best way, and it’s also the most time-consuming. It’s a game of luck. Consider yourself fortunate if the passwords are simple, such as 1234 or 12345. However, the system is unlikely to be so foolish.

I mean, if a child’s password is the first four consecutive numbers in order, he or she can hack it. Unless the server denies your request, the chances of being detected are slim. In this situation, the server will sound an alarm, alerting authorities to begin an inquiry.

Hiring A Hacker To Change Grades

Simple, practical, and time-saving. These three benefits should persuade anyone to choose this strategy. Why are you putting forth so much effort? Professionals should be given it because they are the experts in the field. Hacking services are available on hundreds of websites. However, the individual you hire must be familiar with portals, grades, and grade portals. To hack grades, a hacker must first grasp the school’s website.

There are blogs on the internet that explain how to hack grades in minutes, but you’ll need verified hackers like TheHackerspro to do the work. There are places where you may employ dark web hackers to help you solve your difficulties.

To Sum It Up
Hacking a school’s grade portal isn’t for everyone. You could land up in prison if you make one mistake. The other option is to study and improve your grades, although this is a ridiculous proposal for some. Consider the risks before deciding on a strategy. Before making a decision, weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Use caution while employing any of these techniques. Hire a skilled hacker to tamper with your grades. If you decide to go ahead with the plan, support@thehackerspro.com would be happy to assist and guide you.


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  • Jane L. Blaisdell

    December 18, 2021 - 5:05 pm

    DNS Spoofing / DNS cache poisoning
    This attack is known by sending corrupt/bad data to the DNS server in order to get the server to reroute someone someplace else. Over a local WiFi network, this bad traffic could be sent to a fake website for extracting credentials.
    2. Phishing
    ” In reality, you’re trying to trick the admin into giving you their password. This attack can be carried out through DNS spoofing, or can be carried out through emails, phone calls, etc. The appropriate name for this type of attack is Social Engineering.
    3. SQLi
    . SQLi attacks are typically carried out through URL queries and forms on websites. This attack would actually be the way to change grades.
    4. Brute force
    Brute force is a type of hash-cracking attack where you use software to test a giant list of potential passwords. Wireshark would be useless for this, as Wireshark is a packet analysis tool.
    I don’t endorse or condone any of these attacks, and believe you should study harder to get better grades. If you are just now learning about these and want to try to use them, there’s a very high chance you’ll get caught except you hire professionals to handle for you

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    You would need access to the same network the grading software servers are hosted on. This can range wildly in difficulty depending on many different factors. Your student VLAN will not be able to access any of the server infrastructure.
    Once you’ve acquired access to the relevant VLAN, either by tweaking the switching/trunqing on access/distribution layer switches or by utilizing a professor’s switch port (which most likely doesn’t have access), you’ll need to MITM some server login credentials or exploit a weakness in the system.

    The simplest method would be to acquire access to someone’s account with admin rights to the software, which might be done through keylogging, phishing, malware, or other means. Professors’ rights are likely to be limited, and they will likely only be permitted to change grades for classes they teach. If you’re detected interfering with the IT department’s computers, you’ll probably be kicked out of school. This aspect of the operation should be handled by a fall guy or you just allow verified hackers handle that so as not to fall back or lead back to you

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