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Uranium Finance exploiter launders 650 ETH through Tornado Cash

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IMG 9204

IMG 9204

An address associated with the 2021 exploit of automated market maker Uranium Finance recently laundered over $1.18 million of stolen assets through crypto mixer Tornado Cash. The assets were transferred in ten transactions in 30 minutes today.

PeckShield, a blockchain security platform, first highlighted the movements in a recent tweet. The security company pointed out that the Uranium Finance exploiter-labeled address transferred 140 ether (ETH), valued at $251,000 then, to Tornado Cash.

Data from Etherscan suggests that the address has sent up to 650 ETH worth $1.18 million to Tornado Cash. All the assets were moved in a series of transactions involving 100 ETH and 10 ETH. The first transaction occurred today at 06:06 (UTC), while the last one was carried out at 06:38 (UTC).

The address swapped $1.196 million worth of USDT for 657 ETH in three uneven transactions before sending the 650 ETH to Tornado Cash. Following the transfers, the address currently holds 7.8 ETH and $109.5K worth of USDC that it received yesterday.

This is the second occurrence this year in which wallets connected to the Uranium Finance hack have been observed transferring stolen funds to Tornado Cash. Two months prior, one of the identified wallets associated with the breach was reported to have laundered 2,250 ether, with a value of $3.35 million at that time, through Tornado Cash.

Recall that the Uranium Finance exploit occurred in April 2021, losing $50 million worth of crypto assets. Despite efforts at stopping the movement of the funds, the hackers sent 2,400 ETH to Tornado Cash at the time, leaving some assets dormant. Some of these assets have started moving on-chain.

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