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InQubeta presale gaining traction among bitcoin and cardano fans

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WUBITS Launches02

WUBITS Launches02

Following recent price swings, enthusiasts have been bullish, exploring and seeking to invest in some of the top cryptocurrency projects. One of them is InQubeta (QUBE)

InQubeta is a platform for users to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) startups, and its presale is currently successful. Its native token, QUBE, is being analyzed and considered by crypto enthusiasts, particularly those interested in top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) and cardano (ADA).

The increasing number of people in the InQubeta community is helping to make QUBE a popular choice among BTC and ADA enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at why this is the case.

InQubeta is a decentralized crowdfunding platform

With the recent advancements in technology and increased use of AI, many startups have emerged, focusing on utilizing AI in our daily lives. One such startup is InQubeta, which offers a unique approach to cryptocurrency investments by allowing users to invest in AI startups.

QUBE is popular and has outperformed other tokens, looking at its presale success. During its beta stage, QUBE grew by more than 25%. Experts remain bullish, expecting more price gains in the days to come.

InQubeta is among the top-performing cryptocurrency in presales. This project aims to facilitate funding for startups by enabling them to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing a portion of their equity. These NFTs give investors incentives and value.

Startups listed on the InQubeta platform are available for investment on the NFT marketplace. Interested investors can browse the available options and invest in their preferred choice. As each investment opportunity is converted into an NFT and divided into fractions, investors can invest within their budget, even accessing the benefits of an early adopter. 

QUBE is crucial for InQubeta. Investors can acquire NFTs using this token. Moreover, users who acquire the token can receive bonuses and coupons. 

As such, QUBE can be an option for cryptocurrency beginners and veterans in the ongoing presale.

Visit InQubeta presale

Bitcoin can recover after a decline

Bitcoin has been a topic of discussion for various reasons lately. Despite reaching a high of $30,000 in April, prices have decreased in recent weeks due to market instability. This means that the popular cryptocurrency is currently unable to attain the trading volumes it once did when it reached its peak value.

Although bitcoin is down, experts are still optimistic about its future. There are indications that there may be a bull run soon, as the coin has approached $27,000. Despite this, some investors are exploring other tokens with appealing features and potential profits.

The future of Cardano is unclear

Recently, the price of ADA has been unstable due to market volatility. Despite Cardano’s efforts to bounce from its bearish trend, it has not been successful. Cardano’s native currency, ADA, is currently down 14% in one month. 

Industry analysts remain confident that ADA could recover and edge higher in May. 

Closing thoughts

If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, consider InQubeta’s presale. QUBE provides a secure and efficient means to invest in AI startups via blockchain and smart contracts. It is suitable for both novice and experienced investors alike. The presale has garnered attention from investors, especially holders of ADA and BTC. 

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