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ushering in a new era for web3 trading

FLUUS Trading Goes Live on MEXC Global02

In a significant move for FLUUS, its native token, FLUUS, has been listed on MEXC Global, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. 

The listing on May 24, 2023, at 12:00 UTC, marks a significant milestone for FLUUS. It paves the way for expanded participation and engagement within their ecosystem. 

The FLUUS-MEXC Global partnership

FLUUS’ partnership with MEXC Global is also strategic. It aims to provide seamless trading opportunities and ensure global accessibility to FLUUS.

MEXC Global, renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and extensive global reach, is an ideal platform for FLUUS to expand its presence and attract a broader user base. 

Founded in March 2022, FLUUS has set forth a mission to revolutionize the accessibility of web3 solutions on a global scale. 

By implementing shared economy principles, FLUUS offers a range of crypto solutions, including fiat/crypto pipelines in developing markets. 

Moreover, the project seeks to simplify the digital onboarding process, bridging the gap between traditional and Web3 user experiences through consumer-facing products.

FLUUS trading goes live on MEXC Global: ushering in a new era for web3 trading - 1

Empowering crypto traders

Established in 2018, MEXC Global has garnered a reputation as a prominent digital asset trading platform. With its trading engine and advanced transaction matching module, MEXC Global has served over 10m users across 170 countries and regions. 

The platform’s ability to handle 1.4m transactions per second and its network of cryptocurrency traders and mainstream partners have contributed to its rapid growth. 

Within a year of launching, MEXC Global secured a 5% global digital asset trading market share. 

It was honored with the “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” award at the 2021 Crypto Expo Dubai.

MEXC Global’s kickstarter campaign featuring FLUUS

It also bears mentioning that MEXC Global recently launched its latest Kickstarter campaign, which seeks to identify and support exceptional projects. 

FLUUS (FLUUS) was chosen to showcase its vision of revolutionizing access to web3 solutions as part of the campaign. 

Participants have a unique opportunity to stake their MX tokens, vote for FLUUS, and stand a chance to win attractive airdrop rewards.

Moreover, the campaign offers participants an enticing reward pool of 1,200,000 FLUUS tokens and 20,000 USDT. 

With FLUUS’ native token price set at 0 USDT and a reference price of $0.025, participants can commit a minimum of 1,000 MX tokens up to a maximum limit of 500,000 MX tokens. 

Throughout the campaign, MX token holders can retain access to their tokens, and airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally based on the total votes received. 

Finally, supporting the FLUUS Kickstarter campaign qualify eligible users for other ongoing Kickstarter and Launchpad events. The rewards for these events are based on the amount of MX committed.

Looking ahead

As FLUUS joins forces with MEXC Global, listing FLUUS on a renowned exchange such as MEXC Global stands to open doors to new possibilities. 

Through this collaboration, FLUUS is advancing its mission of making web3 accessibility easier and connecting traditional and digital experiences.

It lays a solid groundwork for the project’s ongoing expansion and development. 

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