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Bitcoin ordinals’ creator steps down as inscriptions surpass 10m

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Casey Rodarmor, the person behind bitcoin ordinals, reveals he will step aside from his role, with the platform reaching a milestone of over 10 million user registrations.

Casey Rodarmor, the brain behind bitcoin ordinals, took to Twitter today, sharing two significant developments: now there are more than 10 million user registrations on the platform, and his decision to step down from his current role.

In the crypto universe, bitcoin ordinals are a tool engineered by Rodarmor, enabling bitcoin transaction IDs to be transformed into easily understandable textual data, also known as inscriptions.

Bitcoin ordinals' creator steps down as inscriptions surpass 10m - 1

Rodarmor’s unexpected announcement and his decision to step down elicited a range of reactions from the crypto community, from surprise to appreciation.

“With over 10 million inscriptions on Bitcoin Ordinals, I am filled with awe at the overwhelming response. I feel privileged to have been a part of this crypto journey. Now, it’s time for me to venture into new horizons. Anticipating exciting times ahead!”

Casey Rodarmor, creator of bitcoin ordinals.

Under Rodarmor’s stewardship, bitcoin ordinals pushed the envelope, attracting a diverse user community and achieving a significant milestone of 10 million inscriptions. This progress signifies the increasing adoption of BRC-20 tokens and other utilities that bitcoin can provide.

However, Rodarmor’s abrupt exit has left the community speculating about the future trajectory of bitcoin ordinals. Despite not sharing his future intentions, the overall positive response from the community implies the strong trust Rodarmor has cultivated over his tenure.

As Rodarmor departs amidst a period of growth in the ordinals market, his efforts have etched a permanent mark on it.

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