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Bitcoin Ordinals ‘could look better’ on Cardano

Share Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Telegram Copy Link Link copied In a recent YouTube AMA session, Charles Hoskinson declared that Cardano, a blockchain network, remains fully dedicated to decentralization. Ordinals functions better on Cardano During the AMA, the tech entrepreneur also suggested that Bitcoin Ordinals is best suited for Cardano since […]
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Bitcoin Ordinals and IPFS leveraged by AI community to resist Facebook takedowns

After reports started circulating that Facebook is taking down software repositories involving its leaked artificial intelligence (AI) model LLaMA, pseudonymous AI software developer Coctail Peanut developed a Bitcoin Ordinals and Bittorrent-based uncensorable software repository system. Developers launched a censorship-resistant system for sharing large language models — which are notoriously large files — based on Bitcoin […]
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