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Bitcoin Ordinals upgrade addresses ‘cursed inscriptions’ issue

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Renowned code sculptor and Ordinals theorist Raph has announced the release of v0.6.0, a new update to the protocol that treats the “cursed inscriptions” and improves RPC credential management.

These inscriptions address a critical challenge in protocol development by enabling extensions without altering existing inscription numbers. The Ordinals protocol maintains backward compatibility by embracing cursed inscriptions while fostering innovation and growth.

In the initial rollout of v0.6.0, the support for cursed inscriptions is limited to a subset of types. This incremental approach allows for steady progress while giving the ecosystem time to adapt and grow alongside the protocol. The Ordinals team emphasizes balancing innovation with stability and accessibility, acknowledging the need for patience as this potentially transformative feature takes shape.

In conjunction with the v0.6.0 release, the team is preparing a new index for ordinals.com, which will be upgraded to reflect the latest version within 12 hours. Users are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates on this front.

Bitcoin Ordinals are non-fungible asset artifacts that allow data to be inscribed into a satoshi, the lowest possible component of a bitcoin.

The creator of Ordinals, Casey Rodarmor, initiated the protocol’s debut in January. The following month saw the inscription craze take off as hundreds of them were imprinted on the bitcoin blockchain, which caused congestion and increases in transaction fees.

Inscriptions on ordinals have traditionally been compared to NFTs regarding their collectability and rarity level. Users are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of data that will be permanently etched into the Bitcoin blockchain. This is done in the hopes that satoshis with early or converted inscriptions will become valuable later.

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